Value Proposition

Value Proposition

If there is one thing you should know about EPG Galaxy Pte Ltd, it is that you are dealing with seasoned players. We have seen the various business cycles of the shipping industry, so we can effectively assist and support you throughout the ever demanding and challenging marine environment that we are currently facing. Furthermore, we can update you on the latest trends that you can adapt to optimize your business operations.

More than the quality products and dedicated services, what we offer you is our proven network of certified manufacturers. Having forged long-standing relationships with our principals, we have direct access to their product inventory and technical expertise. This means we can easily source for the equipment and engine parts that you need, even at short notice and at the most competitive prices.


We would like you to view us as an extension of your organization. Through our engineering expertise, we can keep your equipment at an optimum level with minimum stoppage or breakdown. This results to uninterrupted work flow and avoidance of commitment failures.

EPG Galaxy Pte Ltd upholds ethical business practices along with our level of technical competence.