As the official representative of FRAL Pte Ltd, we offer various anti-piracy products such as protective gear for your marine crew. These items are made especially for the harsh offshore environment, using innovative materials like SuperFabric. At the same time, these gears were designed with the ease and comfort of the wearer in mind, so as to avoid any difficulties or disruptions in their operations.

HexArmor Body Protection

  • The most innovative solution in cut and puncture-resistance on the market.
  • Lightweight, breathable, and ergonomic to ensure end-user safety and comfort.
  • Provides highest level of protection in areas where risk is the greatest.

Ballistic SAPI Plates

  • Level III+ AK47 MSC Floating PE SAPI
  • All ballistic backing materials are pressed with exacting pressures and temperatures using more than 300 tons of pressure to ensure higher bonding strength and greater trauma reduction.
  • The use of new materials like PP and non-resinated PE films result in superior reactance during a ballistic event.
  • Added new characteristics like floatation feature.

HexArmor Arm Sleeve

  • Made with SuperFabric brand material for the highest cut-resistance available on the market – exceeds ISEA/CE Level 5.
  • Innovative industrial puncture protection from wires, metal, wood, and glass from wrist to bicep.
  • Won’t fall like knit sleeves, lightweight and cooler than knit or leather alternatives.
  • Lasts 13 times longer than competitive sleeves
  • Neoprene thumb loop and alligator sleeve clip keeps sleeve from falling down
  • Launderable

HexArmor Protective Apron

  • Lightweight, breathable, and ergonomic
  • For veneer pulling, food processing, filing/grinding

Ballistic Vests

  • MPC Storm Simplex
  • For law enforcement officers and special operatives.
  • Extremely lightweight products – materials are tested with 10% safety margin.
  • Designed for rapid removal of armor vest.
  • Easy to maintain, comfortable to the user.
  • Optional protection modules for groin.
  • Foam pockets to provide added buoyancy in marine applications.

Chainsaw Trousers

  • Innovative 4-way mechanical stretch polyester fabric.
  • Water repellent
  • Highly durable: tear and scratch resistant
  • Fuel, oil, and heat resistant
  • Cool and highly breathable

HexArmor Gloves

  • Made with SuperFabric brand material for the highest cut-resistance available on the market – exceeds ISEA/CE Level 5 (in noted enhanced areas)
  • Innovative industrial puncture protection on enhanced areas – 4 times the puncture protection of standard doubled-palmed leather (modified ASTM 1342 with 18 gauge needle).
  • Washing Machine Safe

Should your company need anti-piracy equipment and supplies, please contact EPG Galaxy Pte Ltd so we can help you out.